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Soil mechanics demo versions

Complete Download

Download the complete software package!

The complete packages can be downloaded here

Installation description!

If you DON'T use the complete package with automatic setup, you will have to define an entry for the data base driver (ODBC) in addition as follows:

  • Activate Start - Settings - Control panel
  • Under Windows 2000, XP, Vista and 7 double click on “Administration”
  • Double click on “Data sources (ODBC)”
  • With 64 bit Windows, instead of the 3 points above start the program odbcad32.exe from the folder \Windows\SysWOW64
  • Select page “System DSN“
  • click “Add”, select “Microsoft Access Driver”
  • Click “Finish”, for “Data source name” type: DC-Datenbank
  • Confirm with OK.

Individual programs

Installation description:

  • An EXE file is downloaded which may be extracted by double click
  • The program (e.g. DCBOHR.EXE) may then be started by double click
  • In each program at first the menu item
    Settings - Directories - Configuration directory should be started
  • The directory where the file dcprog.dxx is shown should be confirmed with OK