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The DCSIEVE program can be used to evaluate and represent sieve and sedimenation tests.





  • Entry of sieve residue or sieve passage in percentage or weight portions with any sieve sets
  • Entry of the sedimentation tests with any aerometers
  • Evaluation of the soil classification as per EN ISO 14688-1 and of the soil group as per DIN 18196
  • Determination of the permeability according to van Hazen, Beyer, Seiler, Kaubisch, USBR, Seelheim
  • Further extensive evaluation of the uniformity coefficient U, curvature coefficient CC, d10/d60, grain index and grain fractions, portion < 0.063 mm, friction angle according to Lang/Huder/Amann, frost sensitivity class and filter grain size according to DVGW W113 and Bieske
  • Representation of any number of grain-size distribution curves on one sheet
  • Representation as an envelope curve is possible
  • Representation of boundary lines and points according to ZTVT, ETV, ZTV/TL SoB, etc.
  • Output options: printer, PDF
  • Export interfaces: graphics export in JPG format, DXF export
  • Add-on option Frost-proof Analysis as per ZTVE-StB 76/94/09/17, ZTVT-StB 95 and ZTV SoB-StB 04 with DCSIEB-ZTVE

Relevant standards

  • DIN EN ISO 17892-4
  • EN ISO 17892-4
  • DIN EN 933-1
  • DIN 4226
  • ÖNORM B 4412
  • SN 670810/816
  • DIN 18123
  • DIN 52098
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The add-on option DCSIEVE-ZTVE can be used to check whether the frost resistance of the soil according to the Additional Technical Contract Conditions and Directives for Earthwork in Road Construction ZTVE-StB/ZTVT-StB/ZTV SoB-StB is given.

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