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141. New output in the program DC-Underpinning  
Graphics-based new output is now available in DC-Underpinning as well.  
142. New certification in the program DC-Nail  
New apporaches based on partial safety factors  
143. [Translate to Englisch:] Neue Adresse der DC-Software GmbH  
Wir ziehen um - neue Adresse gültig ab 13.01.2014  
144. Design with glass fiber reinforcement Schöck ComBAR  
In DC-Footing and DC-Pit available as a new type of reinforcement  
145. DC-Pit with new options acc. to EAB 5th edition  
End bearing for sheet pile walls, anchor lengths in the low failure plane with earth pressure at rest, ...  
146. Verification at the low failure plane for anchor lengths with earth pressure at rest  
Verification of anchor lengths with the earth pressure type of the wall analysis  
147. New output for DC-Slope  
Output in graphics quality is now available  
148. DC-Underpinning for Eurocode 7  
Full support for Eurocode 7 now available for DC-Underpinning  
149. Eurocode 2 and 3 variable for any country  
Design for reinforced concrete and steel with definition of all the national parameters in the programms DC-Foundation  
150. DC-Integra 3D now with sections through the ground and foundation pit  
Creation of arbitrary sections with display of the ground surface, soil layers and the foundation pit  
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