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161. Design acc. to EC 2 in DC-Footing, DC-Cantilever, DC-Nail, DC-Underpinning and DC-Pile  
New design codes Eurocode 2 and OENORM B 1992  
162. DCBORE with well heads acc. to DIN 4926  
Display of steel well heads acc. to DIN 4926  
163. DC-Geotex: Steel mesh elements available  
New type of lining wall: steel mesh elements which are included in the reinforced soil mass  
164. DC-Integra 3D/Pipeworks  
3D-Display of all the pipeworks around a foundation pit  
165. DCBORE-Geotherm  
Calculation of the heat extraction of geothermal borings  
166. Support of Windows 7  
DC-Software supports Windows 7 from now on  
167. DC-Integra 3D/Volume  
Calculation of excavation volume and masses  
168. DC-Pile with new approval for GEWI  
New approval for GEWI bars available  
169. DC-Pit: DIN 1054 change A1 available  
Change for the proof loads for anchor design  
170. DC-Pit and DC-Slope available in russian language  
New languages for the programs DC-Foundation  
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