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DCBORE Well Graphics

Wells and ground water measuring points acc. to DIN 4943:2005

Only in combination with DCBORE

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New DIN 4943:2005 available including cover sheet and data sheets B1, B2 and B3 !

Well and gauge pipes:

  • Scaled graphics of different pipe diameters
  • Any number of pipes / multi-level pipes
  • Haunches possible, display of base caps
  • Different tube types:
    Top tube, solid tube, bottom tube, lifting tube
  • Different types of filter tubes
  • Display of water level and pump symbol
  • Different pipe heads above/below surface, cap etc.

Pipe and well head:

  • Different head types:
    Concrete base, concrete ring, steel tube, street cap or hydrant cap
  • Well pit with different measures and inclinations
  • Alternatively cover, vent pipe, hatching


  • Any types of fillings with symbol editor
  • Graphical display with symbols and colors
  • Several fillings (counter fillings) possible
  • Scaled in depth and diameter
  • With haunch, sealing pipe or through possible
  • Infill baskets and infill pipes

Labelling etc.:

  • Free labelling in any depths
  • Lines to tube, filling, center or freely selected
  • Automatic labelling for tubes and fillings
  • Alternative labelling left or right
  • Labels above and below well / gauge
  • Vertical labelling along the well
  • Different types of spacers, perforations, cementation items, packers

Only in combination with DCBORE