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The Integrated Soil Mechanics. Composition of field and laboratory tests. Mass calculation of bore meters and tests.

Article number: 20200025

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  • Selection of any project files
  • Single projects or complete folders
  • Complete overview over years, groups of projects or all the tests
  • Project files are grouped by project numbers
  • Assignment by places of sampling /borings, depths of sampling and lab numbers
  • Borings, dynamic probings, cone penetration tests, grain size distributions, consistency limits, proctor tests, plate load tests, oedometer tests, shear tests, density, water content permeability tests, lime content, glow loss: free selection of the desired test types
  • Free selection of results: soil type, soil group, soil class, Uc, Cc, permeability coefficient, liquid limit, plastic limit, ...
  • Direct selection of the single tests by clicking in the tree of tests
  • Immediate editing of the tests in the individual programs (DCSIEVE, DCCONS,...)
  • Composition of masses for the billing