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Bore profiles acc. to DIN / VSS / OENORM / British Standard, layer specification, well and gauge sinking incl. multiple pipes.

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Bore hole logs , level and well finish, geothermal heat borings and layer specifications

  • Bore hole logs acc. to DIN 4023:2006 / EN ISO 14688 / SN 640 034 / 670 008 / OENORM B 4400-1 / BS 5930
  • Level and well finish acc. to DIN 4943 incl. multi-level pipes
  • Layer specifications acc. to EN ISO 22 475-1 and DIN 4022 p. 1
  • Short and long designations
  • Automatic conversion of short designations to long text
  • Color and consistencies
  • Soil group and soil class
  • Water levels (stationary, rising)
  • Samples (different types)
  • Symbol editor for free definitions of: short and long texts, symbols and colors
  • Extensive configuration of the graphic
  • Free selection of any Windows fonts
  • Customizable title block
  • Any sheet formats up to A0
  • Export of graphics in JPG format (i.e. for Word)
  • Immediate graphical control
  • Simple changes by double click
  • Project-referred saving in data bases
  • Swiss, Austrian and BS version (VSS/ÖNORM/BS) available
  • English, German, French language
  • symbols acc. to DIN, OENORM, SN and British Standard ! 

Contains as a standard:

  • Color output acc. to DIN 4023
  • Layer specifications acc. to DIN 4022 p. 1 and  EN ISO 22 475-1
  • Level and well finish acc. to DIN 4943:2013
  • Display of geothermal borings

Further processing for Geological sections with position and height-based arrangement with the program DCSECTION


  • DCBORE-Geotherm: heat extraction of geothermal borings acc. to VDI guideline 4640
  • DCSTAN for Windows: SPTs (Standard Penetration Test) at the log or in a separate diagram
  • DCBORE-Data logger for Windows: Measure values as lines or bars, linear or logarithmic
  • DCBORE-SEP: Interface for the import and export of data in SEP format (NLfB)
  • DCBORE-ASCII: ASCII interface for the import and export of bore hole logs
  • DCBORE-Profiltec: Interface to Geologik ProfilTec-Feldbuch: Import of bore hole logs

Note: low priced package price together with DCPROBE + DCSECTION or DCPROBE + DCSECTION-Basic