Demo version | Try the DC software!


Use the non-binding test license to convince yourself of the performance and everyday suitability of the DC software. For 30 days you will receive free access to the demo versions of the DC Basic Structural Analysis and DC Soil Mechanics program groups to get an overview of the functions of our programs.


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The trial version is not intended for commercial use and therefore includes the following restrictions:

  • no printing
  • Storage only under the name DEMO
  • for DC basic structural statics: predefined layer parameters

Please refrain from installing the demo version on computers on which licensed DC programs are already installed. This will result in the full version being overwritten and you will only be able to use the demo version on the PC.

Use of the programmes is at your own risk. ALLPLAN GmbH does not provide any warranty for the free demo versions. If you have any questions about installation or the programmes, please contact our support team: