Support of Windows 8 and 10

Windows 8 and 10 are supported since some time. Note for the dongle driver

Files from Single Download don't start

Exe file from Single Download shows an error message when starting or no reaction at all

Files from Single Download cannot be extracted to \Program Files

Replacing files from the downloaded exe file to the program folder under \Program Files or \Program Files (x86) is blocked

There was a problem sending the command to the program

Error message when double clicking a DC-Software project file

Dongle update: File ID/Memory descriptor invalid

When adding a new license to the USB dongle the following message appears:

"Update failed: File ID/Memory descriptor invalid"

Programs don't start

When trying to start a program e.g. with double click on a shortcut, the program doesn't start without any error message. Only the hourglass symbol is displayed.

Error message "HASP not found"

Dongle is not found

Error message "License manager version too old"

Newer dongle driver is required

Company logo is not shown when printing

Shown correctly on the screen, but not when printing