Company logo is not printed

To use a company logo, a graphics file named dclogo.bmp is required in the Configuration directory (see setting in the program under Settings - Directories - Configuration directory).

If the logo is shown correctly at the screen, but isn't shown when printing, this might be a problem with the picture file which appears sind some Windows update.

Look for the file dclogo.bmp in the Configuration directory (the standard folder C:\ProgramData might be invisible, then start View - Options - File and search options in Windows Explorer, and on the page "View" in the list "Advanced settings", under "Hidden files and folders" activate "Show hidden files, folders, and drives").

Then click the file dclogo.bmp with the right mouse button and select Open with - Paint. In the program Paint, select File - Save as, and change the File type from 24-Bit-Bitmap to 256-Color-Bitmap or invers. After changing the color depth, printing the logo should run again.