DC-Crack: additional option for DC-Pit

Serviceability limit state verifications: crack control and limitation of stresses

The new option DC-Crack for DC-Pit is now available:

  • Limitation of stresses acc. to EN 1992-1-1, 7.2
  • Crack control acc. to EN 1992-1-1, 7.3
  • Available as well for SIA 262 (Switzerland)
  • Selection from frequent, quasi-permanent or infrequent combination
  • Calculation for external load or restrained forces
  • Selection of the type and origin of restrained forces
  • Definition of the permitted crack width wmax
  • Selection of the factor kzt for the concrete tensile strength
  • Clear verification based on the selected reinforcement
  • With the section forces from the analysis or with predefined values

To be used only together with the option DC-Pit Dimensioning.

In the future available for additional programs with reinforced concrete design (DC-Cantilever, DC-Footing, DC-Pile):

buy once, use for all the programs.