New functions in DC-Pit version 4.1

Verification of the transmission of vertical forces, additions for the anchor length analysis

The new version 4.1 of the program DC-Pit provides extensive new functions:

  • Verification of the transmission of vertical forces into the subsurface acc. to EAB, R 84 (with end bearing and skin friction), with additional length of the wall if required. Foot areas and reductions are applied acc. to R 85.
  • Verification of the vertical component of the mobilized passive earth pressure acc. to R 9.
  • For the analysis of anchor lengths at the low failure plane with ground anchors, the inclination angle delta = ground surface inclination beta is used for the earth pressure at the subst. anchor wall (R 44, 8a).
  • If the horizontal anchor distance is greater than half of the fixed length, the possible anchor force is reduced acc. to R 44, 4b.