DC-Pit with new options acc. to EAB 5th edition

End bearing for sheet pile walls, anchor lengths in the low failure plane with earth pressure at rest, ...

In the program DC-Pit new options following the 5th edition of the Recommendations on Excavations (EAB) are available: 

  • Base area for the end bearing of sheet pile walls:
    instead of the medium width acc. to Weissenbach we now use the real sectional area of the sheet pile profiles as the base area. To balance this considerably smaller area, we may use much higher values for the allowed base pressure in the soil layers (see EAB, annex A.10).
  • Verification of anchor lengths in the low failure plane with earth pressure at rest or increased active earth pressure:
    the verification of the anchor lengths is not calculated anew with active earth pressure, but with the same earth pressure type as the analysis of the wall. Acc. to EAB we have to use the safety factors for the design situation DS-P for these cases.

In addition, we can select for the design of diaphragm walls if no minimum reinforcement should be considered or if the minimum reinforcement should be calculated for a beam, a wall or a slab.