BIM in Foundation Engineering

Now available with DC-Integra version 5.0

The program DC-Integra with addition DC-Integra 3D supports an export of the 3D model of a foundation pit with an IFC interface:

  • Creation of a 3D model with base sections of different depth and automatic intersection of slopes
  • All wall types (bore pile wall, diaphragm wall, sheet pile wall, girder plank wall, Mixed In Place, nail wall, underpinning or simple slopes), together with infillings, anchors, booms and pipeworks are displayed in the 3D model
  • Export of the 3D model into IFC format and import into other BIM systems like Revit or Allplan
  • Ifc4 is supported, alternatively as Reference View or Design Transfer View
  • All wall types are presented with their single elements:
  • Bore piles, sheet pile profiles, girders, in addition infillings, anchoring tendons, grouted fixed lengths, pipeworks
  • The model may be displayed e.g. in Solibri Viewer (Design Transfer View) or in BIM Vision Viewer (Reference View).