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DCBORE Data logger

Option for DCBORE: Any values as line or bar diagram, linear or logarithmic.


Only in combination with DCBORE


ASCII interface for DCBORE for the import of bore profile data from text files.


Only in combination with DCBORE


Interface for DCBORE for the import and export of bore data in SEP format.


Export is possible in SEPWin and SEP3 format,

import from SEP-DOS, SEPWin and SEP3 format.


Only in combination with DCBORE


Display in a separate diagram beneath the bore profile or directly at the bore profile.


Only in combination with DCBORE


Interface to Geologik ProfilTec-Feldbuch: import of boring data to DCBORE.


ASCII interface for DCPROBE to import and export test data from / to text file.


ASCII interface for DCCONE to import data of cone penetration tests from a text file.


Option for DCSIEVE: Frost-proof analysis acc. to ZTVE-StB 76/94/09/17, ZTVT-StB 95, ZTV SoB-StB 04.


Option for DCLOAD: interface to the measuring program of Strassentest to import plate load test data.


Option for DCSHEAR: Display and evaluation of triaxial shear force tests acc. to DIN 18 137 part 2.


Approach foll. Chow resp. Jakob (sinking curve), Theis (rise) and Thiem (stationary state).

DCPUMP-Data logger

Interface to Aquitronic, Ott, Hydrotechnik, Seba, CSM, ASCII format and MS Excel, with filter function.