DC-Software products



The progam DCSECTION light can be used to create geological sections and supplement them with the test data from the DC Soil Mechanics programs.



  • Access to individual tests of the DC Soil Mechanics programs
  • Only in the pro version: site map function and automatic creation of longitudinal sections, filling of layer areas between outcrops
  • Full configuration of the test representation with map-related storage
  • Representation of data from a database, every modification is immediately updated on the map
  • Height-appropriate arrangement of the selected tests in the section
  • Representation of the layers of the bore profiles according to DIN 4023, ÖNORM B 4400-1, SN 640 034, BS 5930 and creation of an automatic key of all existing soil types
  • Editing of the maps with extensive CAD functions
  • Drawing sizes from DIN A4 to A0 and user-defined sizes
  • Output options: printer, PDF
  • Import interfaces: graphics import via bitmaps and DFX import
  • Export interfaces: graphics export in JPG format, DXF export