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The DCCHEM program can be used to represent contaminated site investigations on site plans and compare them to limit values.



  • Representation of measured values on site plans
  • Entry of the measured values sorted by date, measuring point, depth, type (soil, water, soil gas ...), group (metals, inorganic compounds)
  • Easy graphical entry of the measuring points is possible
  • Well-structured tree arrangement of all measurement results
  • Different display options of the measured values with bars, circle segments or boxes per measuring point or their distribution via contour lines or coloured areas
  • Representation in different maps, each with a different list of substances
  • Output of the measured values in tabular form with limit values
  • Comparison of the measured values to the limit values based on a limit value database with important, extensive limit and guideline value lists (e. g. Holland list, TVO, WHO, Kelly, Kloke), which can be extended as required
  • Database management in Microsoft Access format with an interface to MS Excel
  • Automatic key generation for all representations including the limit values
  • Editing of the maps with extensive CAD functions
  • Drawing sizes from DIN A4 to A0 and user-defined sizes
  • Output options: printer, PDF
  • Import interfaces: graphics import via bitmaps and DFX import
  • Export interfaces: graphics export in JPG format, DXF export