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The DC-Settle program is used to calculate settlements for any number of load application areas with mutual influence upon each other using the stiffness modulus method. The subsoil can be defined via bore points. The stratification between the points is interpolated. The settlement progression can be displayed both in sections and over the surface with contour lines or colour gradients.





  • Any number of rectangular and circular foundations with rigid or slack load application areas and mutual influence
  • Variable input of the soil layers via bore points with interpolation of the stratification
  • Entry of the groundwater level to consider buoyancy
  • For the accurate internal modelling of the foundation dimensions, it is possible to import DXF graphics as a background.
  • Several load cases with vertical concentrated loads, line loads, area loads and concentrated moments about x- and y-axes
  • Accurate calculation of the settlements based on the stiffness modulus method and determination of the stress distribution in the soil according to the methods of Steinbrenner, Borowicka, Jelinek as well as Lorenz/Neumeuer
  • Representation of the settlement progression on the ground surface with contour lines or coloured areas and along arbitrarily defined sections
  • Representation of the stress distribution over the depth at freely definable evaluation points
  • Output options: printer, PDF
  • Interfaces: RTF export to MS Word, graphic export in JPG format, DXF export


  • EN 1997-1
  • DIN EN 1997-1
  • ÖNORM B 1997-1-1
  • NF EN 1997-1
  • BS EN 1997-1
  • UNI EN 1997-1 mit NTC 2018,
  • UNE EN 1997-1 mit DB SE-C
  • DIN 1054
  • DIN 4019
  • SIA 267