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DC-Pylon Footing

The DC-Pylon Footing program comprises the calculation of fixed block and pylon footings in accordance with the method by Steckner. The calculation includes the serviceability and stability verifications.



  • The verifications are available either together with or separately from DC-Footing
  • Activation of the earth pressure by torsion of the footing
  • Restraint of the footing through active and passive earth pressure
  • Restrained block and pylon footings according to the method of Sebastian Steckner (Bautechnik (1989) Booklet 66) with improvement for stratified soil and berms
  • Stability analysis via the limit moment
  • Serviceability analysis via inclination
  • Specification of the utilisation
  • Several load cases with vertical concentrated and line loads, horizontal loads in the x- and y-directions and concentrated moments about the x- and y-axes, consideration of the earth pressure and earthquake loads
  • Automatic generation of the load case combinations with the combination coefficients psi

Reinforced concrete standards

  • EN 1992
  • DIN EN 1992
  • ÖNORM B 1992
  • NF EN 1992
  • BS EN 1992
  • UNI EN 1992
  • SIA 262
  • ÖNORM B 4700
  • BS 8110