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Analysis of foundation pit walls (bore pile, diaphragm, sheet piling, girder plank walls, MIP) acc. to Eurocode 7 / DIN 1054:2010 and 2005 / DIN 4085 / SIA 267 / British Standard BS 8002 / EAU / EAB






Foundation pit wall analysis acc. to Eurocode 7 (DIN EN 1997-1 with DIN 1054:2010, OENORM B 1997-1-1, NF EN 1997-1, BS EN 1997-1, UNI EN 1997-1 with NTC 2008, UNE EN 1997-1 with DB SE-C and free settings) / DIN 1054:2005 / DIN 4085 / SIA 267 / British Standard BS 8002 / EAU  / EAB

  • Support of all the 3 Design Approaches acc. to Eurocode 7
  • adjustable for any country
  • with earthquake analysis acc. to Eurocode 8-5 and SIA 267
  • Bore pile walls, diaphragm walls, sheet pilings, girder plank walls, MIP (Mixed In Place)
  • Wall types may be combined
  • Inclined walls with earth pressure on the incline
  • Active, increased active earth pressure or at rest
  • Earth pressure acc. to DIN 4085:2011 incl. spatial earth pressure 
  • Different redistribution figures
  • Dead and live loads, block loads
  • Different layers and slopes
  • Any water levels in front of and behind the wall
  • Excavation and dismantling stages
  • Up to 20 anchor positions and props
  • Inactive anchors in order to analyze variants
  • Anchor analysis in the deep sliding plane
  • with prestressed anchors as well as design of anchors with proof loads
  • Verification of the transfer of vertical loads by end bearing and skin friction acc. to EAB R 84 and 85, evtl. additional length of the wall
  • Verification of the vertical component of the mobilized passive earth pressure acc. to EAB R 9
  • application of the earth pressure on the subst. anchor wall with delta = beta in the verification of anchor lengths acc. to EAB R 44
  • reduction of the possible anchor force acc. to EAB R 44, if the hor. distance < half of the fixed length
  • with automatic slope stability analysis, if DC-Slope is available
  • Extensive result output
  • Graphic of system, earth and water pressures, section forces and displacements
  • Activation of load cases and excavation conditions
  • Simple changes with double click
  • Copy and paste of elements
  • with graphics elements to draw and label in the result graphics
  • import of DXF graphics as a background
  • Export graphic in JPG format (e.g. for Word)
  • English, German, French, Italian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Russian language

Option Dimensioning for the design of all parts: girders, sheet pilings, reinforced concrete, anchors, booms:
Design acc. to EC 2 and 3, DIN EN 1992 and 1993, DIN 1045, DIN 1045-1, DIN 18 800, SIA 262 and 263, OENORM B 1992 and 1993, OENORM B 4700, British Standard BS 8110 and 5950, Indian Standard IS 456 and 800.

Option DC-Crack for the serviceability verifications (SLS: crack control and limitation of stresses) - only possible together with DC-Pit Dimensioning.

New recommendations EAU and EAB available incl. separate section forces from dead/live/water loads, new approach for elastic bedding (modulus of subgrade reaction) acc. to EAB R 102

Version française: DC-Fouille
Versiunea romana

Integrated foundation engineering with interface to DC-Pit see program DC-Integra.

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Option DC-Crack for DC-Pit

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