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DC-Pit Dimensioning

DC-Pit/Dimensioning is an add-on option to the DC-Pit program and can be used to design the wall types, infilling, anchors and booms.



  • Automatic transfer of the internal forces and the anchor forces from DC-Pit
  • Design of the wall types: bore pile walls, diaphragm walls, sheet piling, girder plank walls, MIP (Mixed In Place) walls
  • Selection of predefined sheet piling types and beam sections (HE-A etc.)
  • Bore pile wall: reinforced concrete design of the piles, design of the pile infilling with secant piles, design of straight or curved infilling with relieved bore pile walls
  • Diaphragm walls: reinforced concrete design
  • Sheet piling: steel design
  • Girder plank walls: steel design of the girders, design of the infilling of timber, shotcrete or steel
  • MIP: analogous to the design of bore pile walls with concrete infilling
  • Anchor: anchor steel and grouted anchor body, design of the grouted body based on the diagrams by Ostermayer or on the specification of the skin friction
  • Anchor forces optionally for a suitability or acceptance test or the anchor failure analysis
  • Design of the inserted I-beam restraint for a girder plank wall on a bore pile wall or a diaphragm wall
  • Design of the booms with different profiles
  • Suggestion of the required girder/profile
  • Optional graduation of the reinforcement over the envelope line of tensile force with DC-Reinforcement
  • Serviceability verifications for reinforced concrete with DC-Crack on option 
  • Licences for the design of the different wall types are also individually available
  • Detailed output with texts and graphics
  • Only available in combination with DC-Pit
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DC-Crack is an add-on option to the program DC-Pit/Dimensioning. It can be used to perform serviceability verifications in connection with the reinforced concrete design.

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