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Integrated foundation engineering: from the plan to the analysis

Product DC-Integra

Product sheet for DC-Integra


DC-Integra short guide

The most important steps to use DC-Integra, DC-Integra 3D and DC-Integra 3D/Volume


DC-Integra 2D

Sample video for the work with DC-Integra 2D: Plan, foundation pit wall types, start of the corresponding analysis program, transfer of the soil layer depths and water levels, integration of result graphics.


DC-Integra 3D

3D model, display and volume calculation: WMV format


DCIntegra3DAnchor (wmv)

Productmovie DCIntegra3DAnchor: WMV format



Integrated Foundation Engineering
From the plan to the analysis

*** BIM for Foundation Engineering - from version 5 with IFC export ***

  • Creation of plans from A4/Letter to A0
  • Import from the CAD with DXF format or bitmaps
  • Drawing with numerous CAD functions
  • Assignment of wall types to lines
  • Input of the parameters like girder types, bore pile diameter and distance
  • Exact display of the wall with macros
  • Depth information for every macro
  • Automatic actualization in case of changes
  • Administration of layer informations
  • Definition of the analysis sections
  • Administration of all sections in a plan
  • Automatic start of the analysis program:
    DC-Pit, DC-Nail, DC-Slope, DC-Underpinning
  • Passing all geometry and type informations
  • Wall type and parameters, layers immediately available in the analysis program
  • Processing (excavations, anchors) and analysis in the analysis program
  • Integration of the result graphics in the plan
  • Permanent overview for all sections of the project
  • Export graphic in JPG format (e.g. for Word)
  • English, German, French language

Version française

Available additions to the program:
- DC-Integra 3D with 3D model and automatic intersection of slopes
- DC-Integra 3D/Volume for the determination of the excavation volume
- DC-Integra 3D/Pipeworks for the display of pipeworks in the 3D model
- DC-Integra 3D/Anchor for the check against anchor collisions with anchors, pipeworks and buildings