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DC-Integra 3D/Anchor

The add-on option DC-Integra 3D/Anchor can be used to define, represent and assess anchor positions and booms on the lining walls in three dimensions. Anchors can be defined by their depth, length and inclination, grouted anchor bodies by their length and diameter. Furthermore, it can be checked whether anchors collide with other anchors or with utility lines/pipework or buildings. The permissible spacing can be set freely.

DC-Integra 3D/Anchor

Product sheet for DC-Integra with 3D options


DCIntegra3DAnchor (avi)

Productmovie DCIntegra3DAnchor: AVI format


DCIntegra3DAnchor (wmv)

Productmovie DCIntegra3DAnchor: WMV format


DC-Integra 3D

3D model, display and volume calculation: WMV format


DC-Integra 2D

Sample video for the work with DC-Integra 2D: Plan, foundation pit wall types, start of the corresponding analysis program, transfer of the soil layer depths and water levels, integration of result graphics.


  • 3-D representations of anchor positions and booms
  • Specifications for anchors: depth, length and inclination, sweep or spread, if required 
  • Specifications for grouted anchor bodies: lengths and diameter 
  • Consideration of the specified minimum distances between the steel tendon or the grouted anchor body and other anchors, utility lines or buildings for the collision check
  • Dimensioning of the critical distances
  • Modification of anchor depth and/or inclination at critical points
  • Only available in combination with DC-Integra and DC-Integra/3D