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The DCBORE program can be used to represent borehole profiles as well as well lining and gauge instrumentation according to relevant standards and create layer specifications (bore logs). Furthermore, in combination with the add-on options, the program allows the representation of standard penetration tests (SPT) and the determination of the extraction rate of borehole heat exchangers.

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  • Representation of bore profiles in accordance with relevant standards
  • The symbol editor can be supplemented as desired: abbreviations, long texts, symbols and colours
  • Representation of the water levels next to the bore profile (still water, seepage water, rise)
  • Representation of the samples next to the bore profile is possible (undisturbed, disturbed, core sample, water sample)
  • Representation of borehole heat exchangers with probe head and coloured pipes
  • Extensive configuration options for the representation, including primary and secondary soil types, colour, consistency, etc.
  • Preparation of layer specifications (bore logs) according to DIN EN ISO 22475-1, DIN 4022 Part 1 (included as a standard as DCBORE-LS) or DIN 4943
  • Representation of well lining and gauge instrumentation as per DIN 4943 including multiple gauges (included as a standard as DCBORE Well Graphics)
  • Description of the soil in short and long text possible, automatic conversion into long text in case of a description via abbreviated designations
  • The description of the colour and the consistency as well as the assignment of a soil group and a soil class are possible
  • Project-related database storage
  • Drawing sizes from DIN A4 to A0 and user-defined sizes
  • Output options: printer, PDF
  • Import interfaces: SEP format, text file format  ASCII and CSV as add-on options
  • Export interfaces: graphic export in JPG format, DXF export, SEP format, text file format ASCII, CSV and Autodesk Geotechnical Module as add-on options
  • Interfaces to other programs: creation of geological sections with positional and vertical arrangement of the entered bore profiles with DCSECTION; management of the boreholes on an overview plan and transfer of the coordinates and a layout sketch to DCBORE with DCGIS; compilation of the boreholes and further tests with DCLABTEGRA.
  • Add-on option DCBORE-SV2 to prepare layer specifications as per DIN 4022 Part 2, Drilling in rock (solid rock)
  • Add-on option DCBORE-SV3 to prepare layer specifications as per DIN 4022 Part 3, Extraction of cored samples in the soil (unconsolidated rock)
  • Add-on option DCBORE-GEOTHERM to determine the heat extraction rate in accordance with the VDI Guideline 4640
  • Add-on option DCBORE-Data Logger for the representation of measured values
  • Add-on option DCBORE-ASCII for importing and exporting bore profile data in the text file format and CSV, as well as Autodesk Geotechnical Module.
  • Add-on option DCBORE-SEP for importing and exporting bore data in the SEP format
  • Add-on option DCSTAN to represent Borehole Dynamic Probing (BDP) and Standard Penetration Tests (SPT)

Relevant standards

  • DIN 4023
  • DIN 4021
  • DIN EN 22475
  • DIN 4943
  • EN ISO 14688
  • SN 640 034
  • SN 670 008
  • ÖNORM B 4400-1
  • BS 5930
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The add-on option DCBORE-Geotherm can be used to calculate the extraction rate for geothermal wells.

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The DCSECTION pro program can be used to create geological sections automatically from a site map and supplement them with test data from the DC Soil Mechanics programs.

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The add-on option DCBORE-LS2 is used to prepare layer specifications in accordance with DIN 4022 Part 2.

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The add-on option DCBORE-SL3 is used to prepare layer specifications in accordance with DIN 4022 Part 3.

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The add-on option DCBORE-STAN can be used to represent the results of Borehole Dynamic Probing (BDP) and Standard Penetration Tests (SPT).

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The add-on option DCBORE-SEP can be used to import and export bore data in the SEP format.

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With the add-on option DCBORE-ASCII, bore profile data can be imported and exported in the text file formats ASCII or CSV.

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DCBORE Data logger

With the additional DCBOHR data logger option, any values can be displayed as a line or bar diagram.

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