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Ground water lowering with multi-well installations, sump drainage and rubble drains

Product DC-Dewatering

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Sample video for a dewatering analysis (ground water lowering)


DC-Dewatering special approaches

Showing dewatering analysis with waterproof enclosure, tight base and vacuum wells



Ground water lowering (Multi-well installations)

  • analysis with vertical wells / vacuum wells or with sump drainage and rubble drains
  • application of a fixed water level by a river or the sea possible
  • Arbitrary layer system
  • Different permeabilities
  • Ground water situation: free, half-stressed or stressed
  • Different construction pit sections: arbitrary polygons with different depths
  • Any number of wells at different positions: different depths and diameters
  • Several well series, different lowering aims
  • Defined lowering depth or adapted to pits
  • Analysis with vacuum wells optionally
  • Waterproof enclosures and tight base optionally
  • Calculation of the required pumping quantity
  • Capacity of all wells
  • Consideration of the mutual influence
  • Calculation of the required number of wells
  • Lowering and wetted filter height of the wells
  • Determination of the critical point
  • Graphic of the lowering with elevation lines
  • Optionally display with color areas
  • Selection of the fineness (number of colors)
  • Free section draw with display of water level
  • Interactive display: lowering at any position
  • Export graphic in JPG format (e.g. for Word)
  • RTF Export of the results
  • Automatic positioning of wells with optimization of the position with any shape also for different depths / inner areas!
  • Results in graphic quality
  • Selectable font
  • Alternatively graphic in the text
  • with graphics elements to draw and label in the result graphics
  • import of DXF graphics as a background
  • English, German, French, Romanian language

Improved formulae for the use of arbitrary pumping rates! See publication in Bautechnik 12/2002

Version française: DC-Rabattement