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The DC-Infilt program can be used to calculate infiltration installations. Different types of infiltration are available and a distinction can be made between infiltration of precipitation or a specified inflow volume, e. g. from dewatering of a construction site. Rainfall intensities and precipitation depths can be imported from the KOSTRA Atlas or eHYD and MeteoSwiss.

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Sample video for the analysis of an infiltration construction


  • Selectable types of infiltration: area infiltration, trough infiltration, drain-trench infiltration, trough drain-trench infiltration, canal drain-trench infiltration, block drain-trench infiltration, trough canal drain-trench infiltration, well infiltration type A/B according to ADTV and Herth-Arndts, infiltration basin and horizontal drains
  • Free definition of the rainfall intensity
  • Optional import of rainfall intensities from the KOSTRA Atlas
  • Optional import of precipitation depths from eHYD (Austria) and MeteoSchweiz (Switzerland) with automatic conversion into rainfall intensities
  • Calculation of infiltration installations according to DWA-A 138, ÖNORM B 2506-1 and Herth-Arndts
  • Calculation of the infiltration optionally with precipitation with the corresponding rainfall intensities or with a specified inflow volume, e. g. from dewatering of a construction site
  • Calculation of the infiltration for horizontal drains depending on the parameters of the drainpipes
  • Calculation of the well infiltration optionally with the dam-up height and the extent or the required well diameter or well number with a specified inflow and a permissible dam-up height
  • Partial area calculation with run-off coefficients
  • Display of the table representing the rainfall intensities for different durations and the decisive value with selectable scope
  • Automatic optimisation of drain trench lengths and trough areas
  • Output options: printer, PDF
  • Interfaces: RTF export to MS Word, graphic export in JPG format, DXF export
  • Optional consideration of the treatment of rainwater according to DWA-M 153 with the add-on option DC-Infilt/Rain
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The add-on option DC-Infilt/Rain can be used to check whether the treatment of rainwater in accordance with the Code of Practice DWA-M 153 of the German Association for Water, Wastewater and Waste has to be considered.

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