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Analysis of infiltrations

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Sample video for the analysis of an infiltration construction



Analysis of infiltrations

  • DWA-A 138 (2005) and Herth-Arndts
  • import of the rainwater quantities from KOSTRA-DWD 2010 3.1 possible
  • import of precipitation heights from eHYD (Austria) and MeteoSchweiz (Switzerland) with automatic conversion to rainwater quantities
  • Version 4.0 with block drain-trenches
  • Additional option DC-Infilt/Rain for the handling of rainwater acc. to DWA-M 153
  • Area infiltration
  • Trough infiltration
  • Drain trench infiltration
  • Canal drain trench infiltration
  • Trough-drain trench infiltration
  • Trough-canal drain trench infiltration
  • Well infiltration type A and B acc. to ATV
  • Well infiltration type A and B acc. to Herth-Arndts
  • Infiltration basin
  • Horizontal drains
  • Infiltration of rain acc. to ATV
  • Alternatively predefined volume of influx
  • Rainwater quantity for any location
  • Automatic optimization
  • Selectable table of critical rainwater quantities
  • Immediate interactive display of results
  • Output graphics with high quality
  • Optionally display with soil symbols and colors
  • with graphics elements to draw and label in the result graphics
  • import of DXF graphics as a background
  • Export graphic in JPG format (e.g. for Word)
  • RTF Export of the results
  • English, German, French, Romanian language

Version française: DC-Infilt
Versiunea romana !

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Handling of rain water acc. to bulletin DWA-M 153

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