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The DCPUMP program can be used to represent pump tests. In addition, measurement data can be imported or an evaluation of the pump tests can be carried out using the two available add-on options.



  • Representation of the curve of sinking in the well and up to nine pertaining gauges
  • Representation of the capacity diagram is possible
  • Representation of up to nine additional, freely definable diagrams, e. g. flow rate, conductivity, temperature, pH etc.
  • Output of all measured values
  • Output options: printer, PDF
  • Import interfaces: add-on option DCPUMP-Data Logger
  • Export interfaces: graphic export in JPG format, DXF-export and text file format ASCII
  • Optional interface as add-on option: import of formats such as Ackermann, Aquitronic, CSM, Hydrotec, Ott, Seba, ASCII (also export) and Excel incl. filter function with DCPUMP-Data Logger
  • Optional evaluation with the add-on option DCPUMP-Evaluation for the determination of the permeability k and the storage coefficient S
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DCPUMP-Evaluation is an add-on option to the DCPUMP program. It can be used to determine the coefficient of permeability k and the storage coefficient S based on the experimental data.

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DCPUMP-Data logger

The add-on option DCPUMP-Data Logger can be used to import and export measurement data of different formats.

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