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1. Micro piles without end bearing  
…Micro piles without end bearing As micro piles have only a small diameter, the load transfer acts mostly over skin friction. DIN 1054:2010 declares in section A (8c) that no end bearing must be used in the…  
2. DC-Bearing  
…DC-Bearing Definition of the water level How is a (ground) water level defined ?  
3. DC-Bearing  
…20200026 DC-Bearing Bearing capacity analysis acc. to Eurocode 7 / DIN 1054:2010 and 2005 / DIN 4017 / SIA 267 / OENORM B 4435-2 / Terzaghi / Brinch Hansen Analysis of bearing capacity acc. to Eurocode 7 (DIN EN 1997-1…  
4. DC-Pile  
…DC-Pile Micro piles without end bearing Why don't we use end bearing for the design of micro piles ?  
5. DC-Foundation  
…DC-Foundation DC-Slope DC-Pit DC-Bearing DC-Pile  
6. DC-Pit with new options acc. to EAB 5th edition  
…End bearing for sheet pile walls, anchor lengths in the low failure plane with earth pressure at rest, ...  
7. DC-Vibro  
… control with preview function Analysis of the settlement with improvement Analysis of the bearing capacity Optionally comparison without improvement Quick changes of parameters Switching from the…  
8. Package foundation 3  
… see detailed description Complete program package DC-Foundation Consists of the programs DC-Bearing, DC-Settle, DC-Footing, DC-Footing/Pylon, DC-Slope, DC-Geotex, DC-Gabion, DC-Cantilever, DC-Pit…  
9. DC-Pile with steel design  
Design for steel piles available  
10. DCCONE  
…0012 DCCONE Cone penetration tests acc. to DIN 4094 Cone penetration tests acc. to DIN 4094 Diagram of end bearing Diagram of skin friction Diagram of friction ratio Customizable diagrams with labels Any sheet…  
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