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11. Download  
Service and Download Welcome at the service and download area of DC-Software. In this area we provide two functions: Demo-Download Free demo versions of all programs for testing purposes. The…  
12. Home  
Any program is available separately (exception: DC-Pile/Npw for DC-Pile) --- Our programs support any Windows version from Windows 7 to Windows 10 --- Swiss Codes Analysis acc. to…  
13. Demo Form DC-Foundation  
Thank you! For your interest.  
14. DC-Crack: additional option for DC-Pit  
Serviceability limit state verifications: crack control and limitation of stresses  
15. DC-Crack  
20200073 DC-Crack Option DC-Crack for DC-Pit Serviceability verifications / Crack width limitation Option DC-Crack for DC-Pit Serviceability verifications / Crack width limitation Limitation of…  
16. DC-Pit  
20200034 DC-Pit Analysis of foundation pit walls (bore pile, diaphragm, sheet piling, girder plank walls, MIP) acc. to Eurocode 7 / DIN 1054:2010 and 2005 / DIN 4085 / SIA 267 / British Standard BS…  
17. DC-Pit Dimensioning  
20200035 DC-Pit Dimensioning Design of all wall types, infilling (timber, concrete, pile infilling), anchors and booms (Eurocode 2 / 3, DIN EN 1992 / 1993, DIN 1045-1 / 18800, OENORM B 1992 / 1993,…  
18. Package foundation 3  
20200058 Package foundation 3 Complete program package DC-Foundation, see detailed description (Total of list prices: Euro 29650.-). Complete program package DC-Foundation (Total of list prices: Euro…  
19. Complete Download  
Demo versions Over the complete download you may download a full program package with complete setup. The desired programs may be selected during the installation. For the complete…  
20. Particle swarm optimization (PSO) in DC-Slope  
New optimization method for straight lines for slip surfaces acc. to Janbu  
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