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Reinforced earth with geosynthetics acc. to Eurocode 7 / DIN 1054:2010 and 2005 / SIA 267 / EBGEO 2010






Reinforced earth with geosynthetics acc. to Eurocode 7 (DIN EN 1997-1 with DIN 1054:2010, OENORM B 1997-1-1, NF EN 1997-1, BS EN 1997-1, UNI EN 1997-1 with NTC 2008 and free settings) / DIN 1054:2005 / SIA 267 / EBGEO 2010

  • Support of all the 3 Design Approaches acc. to Eurocode 7
  • adjustable for any country
  • with earthquake analysis acc. to Eurocode 8-5 and SIA 267
  • Analysis of the required geosynthetics lengths
  • Proof of the internal stability:
    Block sliding method (KEM)
  • Proof of the external stability:
    Safety against overturning
    Safety against sliding
    Bearing capacity analysis
    Slope stability analysis
  • Proof of the turn-over length
  • Proof of the earth pressure on the external skin
  • Different wall constructions
  • Predefined geosynthetic types with reduction factors
  • Parameter list free extendable
  • Automatic-function for the definition of geosynthetics layers
  • Different load cases
  • Arbitrary layer course: earth pressure acc. to Culmann
  • Optionally extensive or short output
  • with graphics elements to draw and label in the result graphics
  • import of DXF graphics as a background
  • RTF Export of the results
  • EBGEO 2010 with dynamic loads
  • English, German, French, Romanian, Russian language

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