Dongle driver

For the USB dongle (key) of type HASP HL (since 2009 we don't use hardlock keys any more), that you received with your software, a driver software is required which is installed automatically during the software installation.

If during the installation the following error message appears: "Drivers from previous installations are still present"

or "A newer version is already installed", you may fix that as follows:

- Start the program haspdinst.exe from the folder \Hardlock of the DVD with:
- Start - Run or Windows key + R
- Search
- select the DVD drive, select the folder Hardlock
- select haspdinst (or haspdinst.exe) with double click, it is inserted into the command line
- click to the end of the command after .exe and add the options -fr

-purge -kp separated by blanks. The command should look like:

-fr -purge -kp
- start the program with OK.

The message "Operation successfully completed" should appear, after that the installation of the software should run normally.