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91. Files from Single Download don't start  
Files from Single Download don't start If files from Single Download (compressed Exe files) don't start, there is an error message that the file (coming from the Internet) could be harmful or…  
92. DC-Nail: Consideration of Joint Planes  
Application of inclination of the joint planes and a tolerance  
93. DC-Foundation  
DC-Foundation demo versions Download Complete Download the complete software package! The complete packages can be downloaded here Individual programs Installation description: An EXE…  
94. Programs don't start  
Programs don't start In this case there are two possible errors: 1. Windows considers downloaded files as dangerous: Click the exe file (e.g. DCBaug.exe) with the right mouse button and select…  
95. Support of Windows 8 and 10  
Support of Windows 8 and 10 DC-Software is running under Windows 8 and 10, but for Windows 8 only with the full (desktop) version, not with Windows RT. The driver installation…  
96. DC-Foundation  
DC-Foundation DC-Slope DC-Pit DC-Bearing DC-Pile  
97. DC-Soil  
DC-Soil Error message/Login dialog of data base When opening a file with a program of the DC-Soil group a Login dialog of the database driver appears­ DCSIEVE  
98. Please insert the disk '1'  
Please insert the disk '1' Windows Installer checks for the installation if the name of the disk is the same as the one used during the first installation, although this name is irrelevant. Older…  
99. Dongle driver  
Dongle driver For the USB dongle (key) of type HASP HL (since 2009 we don't use hardlock keys any more), that you received with your software, a driver…  
100. Dongle update: File ID/Memory descriptor invalid  
Dongle update: File ID/Memory descriptor invalid If when adding a new license to the USB dongle with the delivered program the following message appears: "Update failed: File ID/Memory descriptor…  
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