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81. Demo Form DC-Soil  
Thank you! For your interest.  
82. Micro piles without end bearing  
Micro piles without end bearing As micro piles have only a small diameter, the load transfer acts mostly over skin friction. DIN 1054:2010 declares in section A (8c) that no end bearing…  
83. Definition of the water level  
Definition of the water level The depth of the ground water level is defined with an excavation stage, because different excavation stages may have different water levels. If no real excavation is…  
84. Very small slip circle  
Very small slip circle This effect is typical for slip circles with soils of cohesion = 0. If the soil really had a cohesion of 0, only a small mass of soil would slide down at the surface of the…  
85. Header for list output  
Header for list output Die Listenausgabe erscheint auf DIN A4 Hochformat und verwendet daher das Schriftfeld für Hochformat. Die Graphik ist aber meist auf A4 Querformat eingestellt und verwendet…  
86. Error message/Login dialog of data base  
Error message/Login dialog of data base The entry for the database driver is missing, which is normally created automatically by the software installation. It may be defined manually as follows: -…  
87. DC-Slope  
DC-Slope Very small slip circle The critical slip circle has only a minimal size and only "scratches" at the surface of the slope  
88. DC-Pit  
DC-Pit No results for design acc. to Eurocode 3 In the design of steel components acc. to Eurocode 3 there are values of 99999 for the utilisation factor  
89. DC-Bearing  
DC-Bearing Definition of the water level How is a (ground) water level defined ?  
90. DC-Pile  
DC-Pile Micro piles without end bearing Why don't we use end bearing for the design of micro piles ?  
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