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81. DC-Crack: additional option for DC-Pit  
Serviceability limit state verifications: crack control and limitation of stresses  
82. Particle swarm optimization (PSO) in DC-Slope  
New optimization method for straight lines for slip surfaces acc. to Janbu  
83. Fehlermeldung "HASP not found"  
Fehlermeldung "HASP not found" This message just means that the dongle (USB key) with the software license is not found. A reason for that may be that after a Windows update a newer dongle driver is…  
84. Company logo is not printed  
Company logo is not printed To use a company logo, a graphics file named dclogo.bmp is required in the Configuration directory (see setting in the program under Settings -…  
85. Fehlermeldung "License manager version too old"  
Fehlermeldung "License manager version too old" This message means that for the use of the license dongle a newer dongle driver is required. You will always find the latest driver at the website of…  
86. General  
General Support of Windows 8 and 10 Windows 8 and 10 are supported since some time. Note for the dongle driver Files from Single Download don't start Exe file from Single…  
87. Installation  
Installation DLL files are missing Programs don't start, because a file csirtfx.dll, msfrt10.dll, mst33vc6.dll or msvcrt10.dll is missing Dongle driver Solving problems during the…  
88. DLL files are missing  
DLL files are missing With older installation CDs the category "General" could be switched off, which contains files required for all the programs. The category "General" has to be…  
89. No results for design acc. to Eurocode 3  
No results for design acc. to Eurocode 3 The new parameters for the design acc. to Eurocode 3 like Wy,pl are not yet available, the parameter file was not updated. If no own…  
90. Pile settlement acc. to OENORM B 1997-1-3  
New approach in the programs DC-Pile and DC-Pilegroup  
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